Business and Economic Development

The Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles
The Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles is an established leader in conducting regional urban studies, providing educational experiences to students and the community, and convening policy dialogues regarding the Los Angeles region.

Center for Entrepreneurship
The center provides a number of unique and special programs for students, and the community, such as the Entrepreneurship Society and the Entrepreneurial Fellows Program. Students are active doing entrepreneurship internships during the year and each internship usually requires 300 hours.

Small Business Development Center
The center provides education on the topic of small business development and expertise to small business owners in the south L.A. region. Other SBDC endeavors include workshops, conferences and courses for the general public on topics covering the start-up and running of new and existing small businesses.

The center encourages the discussion of ethical issues in business by offering practical activities that allow participants to take on an active role. Also, the center works with organizations to find ways to assist area corporate ethics officers with the practical challenges of administering corporate ethics programs.

Center for Accounting Ethics, Governance and Public Interest
Through the Distinguished Speakers Series, publications and corporate partnerships, the center educates both students and the general public about issues facing accounting ethics and governance within business, and the future for professionals working within the field.

Center for Asian Business
The center offers summer study scholarships for undergraduates to promote a deeper understanding of Asian business and culture, and holds symposiums, seminars and conferences for public and private organizations independently or in collaboration with a network of affiliated institutions in Asia and the United States.